Dr. Christine Anderson

By the time Dr. Christine Anderson, D.C. was 26, she had been suffering from severe hip pain for ten years after being in a trampoline accident as a teenager. She visited multiple doctors and orthopedists to no avail, and eventually had to quit work because she had difficulty walking. Then someone told her about chiropractic. Within four weeks of seeing a chiropractor, her pain had reduced significantly and she was able to return to work. This life-changing experience inspired her become a doctor of chiropractic.

Dr. Christine Anderson, D.C. draws on over 29 years of experience to deliver quality chiropractic care. In 1984, she graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and later served as chair of the communications committee of the Colorado Chiropractic Association for 10 years. She excels in extremity adjusting, treating disc injuries, degenerative disc disease, back pain, and more. She continually finds inspiration in the rewarding experience of enabling patients to regain their lives, free of pain.

Using a variety of chiropractic techniques, Dr. Anderson, D.C. is able to provide treatment suited to each individual's needs. Dr. Anderson, D.C. frequently uses the Palmer Package technique, chiropractic biophysics, low back and neck decompression traction, acupuncture, and therapeutic exercise. Dr. Anderson, D.C. is committed to empowering patients to lead healthier lives through exercise, nutrition counseling, and preventative care. She is skilled in working with children to help them recover from a variety of conditions such as colic, infant torticollis, bed-wetting, and kids sports injuries. As a volunteer at a local alternative high school, she enjoys teaching young people to make healthy choices from an early age.

Originally from Estes Park, Dr. Anderson, D.C. is a Colorado native. She has lived in Arizona, Iowa, Wyoming, California, and returned to Colorado to be closer to family. She looks forward to supporting you and your family in achieving optimal health.