Specific spinal adjustments performed by Dr. Chris Anderson, D.C. are used to reduce back pain, as well as restore the body's natural function by reducing nerve interference at the spinal level.
She is a spine structuralist and utilizes Chiropractic Biophysics in her adjusting and rehabilitation.

Chiropractic care is founded on the scientific fact that: 
"The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body."
Grays Anatomy 29th Edition, Page 4

The Central Nervous System consists of the brain and spinal cord. Peripheral nerves branch off of the spinal cord (through vertebrae) and control the entire body. When the structure is misaligned, posture becomes obscured which causes the nerves that branch off to malfunction, resulting in pain, degenerative joints and discs as well as other symptomatology like numbness, tingling and disease.

Conditions that may be helped:

  • Back Pain (neck, mid back, and low back)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Arm/Leg pain and or numbness
  • Whiplash from automobile accidents
  • Sciatic leg pain
  • Disc problems in the spine
  • TMJ
  • Torticollis
  • Weakened immune system


A few months prior to moving to Colorado from California, one of our patients had gone through extensive testing by her physician and was scheduled for exploratory surgery due to a severe case of irritable bowel syndrome and a spastic colon. The patient elected not to have the surgery and when she moved here, became a chiropractic patient. She has found total relief from her symptoms as a result of chiropractic care.

Foot drop is a condition where your foot does not function normally and it drags. It generally stems from malfunctioning nerves in the lower back. After receiving a few adjustments, the condition cleared up completely for one of our patients.

Partial cerebral palsy prevented a young man from walking erect and from being ale to maintain proper posture. He also had difficulties with coordination. He went through a series of chiropractic adjustments and today he walks erect, maintains proper posture and his coordination is 80% better.

Countless auto accident victims, after treating with other doctors and health care professionals with minimal or no results have found relief and healing through chiropractic care.

A 45 year old patient began chiropractic treatment for low back pain, neck pain and headaches. She also mentioned she had a hearing loss call Meniere's Disease. She said her mom also Meniere's and that they were told that it was hereditary within their family. After receiving chiropractic adjustments in the cervical and thoracic spine several times, she asked if there was any chance this could have helped her hearing. The answer is 'Yes, it could!' and she proceeded to tell the doctor that she had noticed that she could hear all sorts of things that she hadn't heard in years. She had full restoration of her hearing.